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Online Marketing

It doesn't do any good to have a website if your potential customers don't know about it. Porter Graphics will get your website seen by the people who need to see it with the latest techniques described below.

Search Engine Optimization

What is it?
One of the most useful online tools is the search engine. Popular sites include Google, Yahoo and Ask, but there are many, many more. Your website will be submitted to all the main search engine websites to be included in their databases to be placed high in the list. These search engines will also find your website by the keywords that are placed in the coding of your website.


How it will build website traffic.
When a potential customer is looking for the product or service you provide and don't know where to find it, they will use search engines to find it. By utilizing the best keywords and reciprocating links, your website will be at the top of the list.



Email Marketing

What is it?
What better way to reach your potential customer than by direct advertising? Generate an email list of your customers with online registration and send them regular emails with updates, sales or coupons to get their return business.


How it will build website traffic.
Email ads will refer the customer back to your website to download recent sales coupons or to register for ongoing contests.



Banner Ads
What is it?
When used properly, banner ads can yield excellent results. Placing banner ads on established websites that have a constant flow of hits will point those potential customers to your site.


How it will build website traffic.
Potential customers will see your banner ad on another website and when clicked will instantly take them to your website. Banner ads allow you to target specific markets. For example, if your company sells shoes then you would want to advertise on a website such as Runner's World.

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