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Photo Retouching

Often an old photograph can be priceless to you. Over time that photograph may get ripped or damaged in some manner, so let us help keep that photo in pristine condition for many years to come. We can retouch an old photograph that has been damaged and digitize it so that you may cherish it without worrying that it may be lost forever.

An Old Memento

This picture was brought to us in pretty rough condition. The owner said it was a picture of her Grandfather with his mother and for his birthday she wanted to present him the picture in a frame, but wanted the picture in original condition.

Faded Photo

Even though this photo has faded extensively over the years, we were able to bring it back to life with the original colors.

Old Torn Photo

When this photo first came in, we thought the enhancement was not going to give the customer the desired outcome. After working with several different filters we were able to achieve the desired appearance.

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